Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Artsy Fartsy Me!

The Caravan hasn't actually started yet, but my brain was whirling yesterday. That in the fact my hubby just started mid shift and we are sludging thru mud trying to figure out our schedule! When I get overwhelmed, I can eat or scrap! Scrapping keeps me in the size I am.
I had this page opened all day. Making sure I saved it numereous times. This is a different way of scrapping, it is more me and not to highlight a kit or element. I actually did not even keep record of what I used on purpose.
Here is the journaling if you are unable to read:
I lay in bed with thoughts of why I couldn't do this.
All of that is now null and void.
Paying $30 gives me the oomph to start and complete this.
Establishing ground rules:
1. Have fun! 2. Be me!
3. Learn new things.
4. Panic is not an option, breath!
5. Make time and do it!
6. Print the pages.
7. Break rules
I was happy in the results, and now waiting for the 1st of the year to start will be hard! I am ready to begin this challenge for myself.



Donna G. said...

GREAT page, Anne! Is the emphasis of this project on being artsy, creative? Iow, will you use many of your photos? I am becoming intrigued.

Anonymous said...

I really relate to "scrap or eat" - for me it's much the same (although all too often I eat...)

I'm just LOVING your pages, keep going!!

SherryD said...

Wonderful! and I love your "rules"!