Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Clean and Spiffy for the New Year!

Last Thursday, we finished school, and I said, "Well, that's it for this year!" I was expecting yahoos and all rights. I got these weird looks. No, public school is in next week, we have to do homeschool. I was kinda bummed, as my dining room/homeschool area was becoming stacks and piles of STUFF~I don't do well with STUFF not in the right places.
I really do get anxious and fight myself on bad moods and it is just not good! Okay, I can flow with kids that want to keep learning...I think.
Monday, piles have grown over the goes good, things are clicking...I have errands for's in the pile by the door. I walk in kitchen. Look towards my kids working hard at copywork..and I slide the fridge over and gross out what is under it! Then I manage to get the side by side behemoth turned to face the kitchen.
Now we have a galley kitchen, one long skinny kitchen and the fridge is supposed to be to the left of the stove, but it made me claustraphobic, so I pulled it out of the galley area, and it is in what is supposed to be the dining room. It makes a great bulletin board area! Whole bunch of metal to attach magnets. But it was awkward to get into.
Now I have a walk way instead of a pain in the neck...Eric's eye's light up as he closes his book. He knows me, and he knows that we are gonna rearrange! The other three look at him and then me, and bubbles of thoughts and ideas where to put what and how are we going to plug this in, and what if we turned this sideways? Oh I love this!
Gabriel says this is real homeschool! Oh yes it is...3 hours later, we accomplished so much. Here are the pics:
We completely gutted our nifty cubby/storage thingee. It is now functional and everything has a place. The back of it has cubbies also, and we have extra papers, books and curriculum on hold. There is a rolling cart with art supplies that comes out when the muse hits the kids! I also took down our timeline, as we are moving to the Gold Rush and Civil War in January!
This was Gabriel's we are getting a laptop from the charter for the kids and it comes with a the white desk is ready, and it is also great for art! The back white cube is one of the tables on it's side! Brilliant! We have a bar stool there right now, but the printer will live there eventually!
My poor drapes....we have vertical blinds that need to come down and until they do my drapes are kinda just hanging there waiting for rods! Low on priority list..ha ha
You can see the fridge now that it is turned, my little office is behind is cozy!
Here is my view from the puter! It is perfect! If you would like to see the last rearrangement pop over to this post What is ON your Walls? it's time for me to play!


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