Saturday, December 19, 2009


The title sounds like I didn't enjoy the shopping part, but I did. My mom and dad every year bless us with a substantial check for Christmas. It is our Christmas. More so this year. Usually we add more to it, this year we didn't. Our family budget has been cut by almost (getting my 5th grade fraction brain to work here) 40 percent. We did this by choice, so no worries! lol
My husband has a call to preach on his life, and our Pastor and home congregation has a call and burden to send workers out! Good combination! So we set out for California in the midst of a economic collapse, with support and prayer of our home church and relocated! Jobs are scarce, but my husband was able to pick up one at Target, stocking shelves.
There, enough rambling...back to Christmas shopping.
Each of the four children were given a dollar amount we were wiling to spend, a pile of ads, and knowledge of shopping the past few weeks. They were to write a list of wishes, knowing not all would be purchased, as we as parents made the final decisions, so make sure there were alternative desires on the list. They cut out the pictures, prices and told where said item was available. It was magnificent!
My hubby and I (after he got off an 8 hour shift that started at 4am, I so love this man) loaded with cash, letters from children and a plan took off for 4 1/2 hours of fast paced shopping! Kohl's Department Store, Target, Ross, Sears, the mall, K-mart, Big-5 and finishing off at Super Wal-Mart!
The doll that our dear Anna was desiring this year was sold out at Target. It was on sale almost 1/2 price and we were counting on hubby's employee discount there. They had it at Wal-Mart, so I asked about price matching. The man said I needed the flyer from the store, due to dates and all. Oh I showed him Anna's letter...he smiled and said, " others might not accept it, but I do!" I tell you I could have cried, because if not, that doll was not going to be loved by a certain little girl in my home.
We stayed within budget, allowing a few more dollars for stockings and wrapping paper. We didnt' snark each other. The closet is full of presents waiting to be wrapped!
We did it!


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Mariah said...

Great job!!!!! And no snarking. Congratulations! You are a better woman than I! ;-) Great idea to let the kids go through the ads. My kids are a bit old for that, but I do like for them to let me know what they would like and I choose from there. Dad gives the final yay or nay. Problem is, the older they get, the more expensive their wants! Like my 24 year old wants a laptop. Ummm. No. At least not one with the capability she's after, so there's no point in getting a cheap one. I think they'll be happy with their gifts, though, and I'm just happy they'll be here. They arrive tonight, on the last flight. (Both have to work all day today.) Yay!!!!! Merry, merry Christmas to all of you! oh! btw...I'm going to Prescott...last minute change in plans. I'm super duper excited! It'll be the therapy I need...referring to my last email to you! Hmmm...maybe this comment really should have been an!