Friday, August 22, 2008

A layout for a challenge!

My friend over at has issued a challenge for scrappin' and I love her and scrappin' so here is my response!
I have the credits...eek..will add tomorrow...means getting up...ha ha
We gave (me and T) blood today....and my brain feels mushy


Christine said...

Anne!!! So cool! Did you really color their hair? Hahaha! You guys do the craziest things! Outreach/concert today in Tulie. Pray for me, I'm fixin to check out Omish books! Honestly, I'm not that stressed (close) just really asking God to show us more ways to tighten our belts-never fun. The floor still smells like milk! R seriously spilled!!

christine said...

Anne, Where's the picture of Abby's broken arm? LOL! Glad to hear from you in your update.

christine said...

Me again! Thanks always for the comments! The LO w/the rocks , etc was a template from SM. C was funny when she saw the LO with the hand, "You can't see my face." I don't think I even commented back! HAHAHA! The pics of the pecan stand are cute. I need to post them soon. Have a good day! Oh, here's one for you. Liza & I were outreaching yesterday & the lady (Her view of God/Christains) said she feels like she doesn't need a babysitter. She can control her life just fine. That was a new one!

christine said...

C U soon @ Scrap Matters! I am SO excited that you'll be there!