Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mowing my lawn-I love it!

I found a site that I love...I am very new and have poked around a little. This is a link to learn about the writer of the blog.
Her blog, once I figure out how to add the cute little button to my blog will proudly be here, but until then, just click here is the home page.
Sooooooooooooo....why the lawnmower and the title?
Because the series Simple Mom is writing;
How to be Disorganized & Unproductive. She is on number 2 of a 6 part series. Today's was over committing. Ouch!
One of the suggestions was to hire a lawn guy...I gasped...I love mowing the lawn. I really do. I get sweaty, dirty and grass covered. I usually have to take Tylenol before and after! ha ha
But I love it...I look forward to it.
After it is done, the yard is beautiful.
Some of you know how much time and effort I put in my yard in New Mexico, for not a whole lot of return.
I am now in California, where my water is pretty much free ($20 a month), and I am blessed to have a huge expanse of green, that after mowing shimmers!
The hardest part for me is to go inside afterwards...I can sit for hours watching and listening to the sprinkler as it covers my newly mowed lawn!


christine said...

You know, sometimes when I hear.see people mowing I think of you and how much you love it. Where do you get you pics you've used here? They're great.

Michele said...

With all the rain we've had lately the boys have been mowing our yard more in the last 3 weeks than they usually do all summer.