Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little history about Yuba City

Hey to my faithful fans...
I want to confuse each and every one of you. I live in Yuba City, which is located in Sutter County. Marysville, our sister city is in Yuba County. The picture shown here is the Yuba City’s western horizon is dominated by the Sutter Buttes, known as the “Smallest Mountain Range in the World. This is pronounced Bu(long u) ttes! Butte County is past Marysville, almost to Oroville (home of Dan&Peggy). I get a giggle and feel a bit like a townie, now that I know the confusion and understand it.
I thought I might leave a bit of history when I get a chance to upload this blog. We are doing California history with the kids this summer and they are loving it. Gives a whole new meaning to 49ers!
We actually drove around the smallest mountain range, it is a lovely ride, about 2 hours total. There are different types farms all around. There is one that is a senior citizen or retirement home for zoo and circus animals!! Zebras, horses, llamas and strange looking animals!
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christine said...

What a stunning picture! Fun post!!! As always thanks for the updates!