Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Truckloads of Patience

I had it delivered yesterday. I had to rearrange to get it all to fit. But with some relaxed breathing. I have it. ALL!

Gosh wouldn't that be great. Go down to your local Target or Wal-Mart, find the amount of patience needed for whatever you are waiting on and tada!

My friend Teresa G. told me never to pray for patience. I don't! I pray for strength to fight not being patient! ha ha

We are fighting a good fight and know that Jesus is moving in ways we don't realize. We continue to do what we know is right to the best of our ability. Witness one on one, follow up with the word of God, pray and read the bible. We can feel the anxiety or expectation to use a better word of God moving in hearts in Yuba City. Results! Results! Scream in our ears, but we know that we are vessels for the results not makers of the results.

I hope this isn't read as a downer, for it is not. I have always had little patience, and honestly still don't have gobs. But I do have a calmness that is passing for patience. Does that count?

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Paula said...

A truck load of patience...yeah!!! I want some of that!!!