Friday, August 1, 2008

stuck in the house!

The month of July was a trip!

California legalized gay weddings on 15 July, and the following Saturday 1000 fires started by lightening thruout California!

These fires were huge and still to this date are burning. The smoke that filled the wide Sacramento Valley was thick and hazardous. There were 3 days in a row, we stayed inside with A/C running the whole time. We changed our air filter at the end of the month...filled with chunks of yuck!

Now, spending one day all together is fun, the 2nd, a bit tougher, by the 3rd day, I was done! We put the boys on side by side laptops, playing games (star wars version of Age of Empires), and the girls took a 3 hour bath! I have read so many books and organized the whole house!

Tony spent most of it, reengineering gold sheets and our taxes. Got the files set up for church, both puter and regular files. He entered all our reciepts for the year, so he made a data base for the taxes for our lives in a parsonage! Whole lotta work, but it is done and now easy to update!

The thickness in the air can not be expressed in the picture, but it was humid, hot and hazardous.

When the southern winds from the deltas in Stockton blow, coolness and fresh air conquer!

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