Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nasty fun killers

We got all loaded up, drove to Oroville and got to the beach! There was hardly anyone there, we looked for shade to put the stuff. Lovely big tree and shade. A few wasps. Well we are just going to leave the stuff there and sit in the water.
Plop! My chair in the water, my butt in the chair...burrito in the hand, ice cold the good life.
Abby is got a few wasp buzzin' around her and her burrito. She tries to run, they follow. This sucks! We look up the beach, these wasp are everywhere! Not lazily buzzing, ticked off and on the offensive for their territory!
Tears well in my eyes. I need this time so so much. My brain needs no stimuli of the world, just the lazy sound of the river, with kids laughter and a few peanut butter cups to eat.
I am done making decisions.
Tony can see, I am ready to snap! He goes around to find a place to go! Nada, nothing, zilch. These darn wasp are everywhere. There is a water (spray) park on the end, all cement. We go there just to get out of the heat. It is 103 degrees!
Dan and Peggy come, we are sitting with a million of kids in a spray park...good fellowship, but not the relaxing time I was hoping for.
So now I sit in an A/C house, freshly showered, eating the peanut butter cups! Life is fine.


Michele said...

I'm sorry your outing got ruined. I'm sure next time will be better.

Christine said...

I totally feel you Anne. Even though we just had summer break, I am trying to get used to HSing again. I am at my tipping point too. No stimuli, no decisions to be made sounds so good. I will pray for you.