Monday, August 18, 2008

I am all alone!!!

I feel like a whirlwind of energy. Tony and I dropped the kids off this morning with hugs and kisses. Excitement from both of us! I got home, ate breakfast and wham!

Cleaned out closet (where medication was). Note to all ya'll, please go thru your medicines. We had stuff that expired 6 years ago! I tossed most of it! Cleared out band aids, creams and extra tubes of toothpaste! Was able to clear 2 shelves for the kids school uniforms. They will be able to pick out their shirts from the closet. I was able to label the shelves by name so (fingers crossed) this will help keep it neat?!?

Then I went to the girls closet and hidden piles of crapola. They have done really good this summer and I was quite proud of them. I only took one large bag of garbage out. Most of this was clothes outgrown or stained beyond help. They have a basket of "stuff" they can go thru this evening, but I was actually encouraged! My spanking hand didn't even twitch! hee hee

I scrubbed the floor in the kitchen and swept up all the wood floors in the house! It smells marvelous. Once this is posted, I am gonna make some chocolate chip cookies. A 1st day of school event.

Have to hem and do some sewing this evening. I tell you I feel very industrious!

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Anonymous said... fast ends tonite!