Friday, August 1, 2008

Just waiting for them!

We got the go ahead from Pastor! Thank you so much!

The church is in a great location! It is at an intersection from 3 towns. It is actually in Marysville, a sister city. We pay our gas/electric there and Yuba City is very melded to each other. Our hospital is there, etc...

Anyway...Tony went on outreach last Monday evening in the neighborhood, and met a couple; Katie and James, they came to bible study Wednesday! We are so excited to have a place to just show a movie! It is a great place, I know this is a babble of a blog, but if I was standing in front of you, you probably couldn't follow me, cause there are so many great things about this building! We can move in as is, some cleaning and do remodeling in stages! So that helps alot also!

We have to wait til Wednesday, because the lady who does the paperwork is off til then and no one else knows how. ha ha That drives Tony we wait...impatiently, but with victory!

Please pray for favor so the process of getting the building goes good.