Friday, August 1, 2008

the Lady is a cat!

Our landlords are great people and would let us have hippos in the back yard I think if we asked. Our lives are very topsy turvy and a pet is a bit more than we wanted to commit to. A cat in the neighborhood, very loving, would come over on a daily basis for pets and scratch under the chin and then leave. We would see her on different people's lawns and couldn't really figure out who "owned" her. Our next door neighbor, Miss Liz, said she was abandoned and needed a home. Tony said NO!

A few weeks later, he saw her drinking from the sprinkler in our backyard. "You can feed Lady". I was so excited! "but..." he went on to say, "she is NOT coming in the house!" Okay, I bought a bag of food and some canned and a brush for her that afternoon!

We feed her in the early morning, and then again in the evening. She is waiting right on time, and will also meow loudly when we are late!

In the morning, I spend 1 1/2 hours on the back porch. Sometimes it is chilly, so I bundle up with blanket. I read the newspaper, my bible and pray and Lady joins me. Her purrs and warm fluffy body are a great addition!


Christine said...

You updates your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna call Michele!! HAHA! Your header is like WOW!!! Is Lady in the house yet! It's so great to hear from you. Did you all get the building? Are you over your cold.

Anonymous said...

winters a-comin' so ya better start workin on the Reverand now about building a nice house for "The first Lady"... if not, in she comes! (I were'nt borned yesterday!)
MZZZ Chiles
p.s. campin' was swellerest!!! planning our next one already!

Paula said...

Annie, This is too cool. I keep trying to leave comments and I don't know if they are taking. If so, let me know.