Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..Napa Valley

As some of you know I grew up in Napa, California. This sleepy little town has grown to be a huge magnet for the rich, famous and those that want to be. My parents still live there in a small 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.
During the summer months it gets in the 90's and that is just unbearable for my mom. So they (mom and dad) do RV hosting on the northern beach state camps. They stay for free and keep an eye on the campers as an extension for the State Rangers. A great exchange. This leaves their home in the summer open except for the days my days goes home to mow the lawn and play a round of golf.
The past two months we have planned on going to Napa one day then the next drive to the beach to spend time with Grandparents. Our van and mechanic have not cooperated with theses plans. Thursday evening, our mechanic Henry called and said the van was ready and running great! We planned on picking it up and taking the 1 and 30 run to Napa. We picked it up at 10am, I drove it and it was exactly like it was 2 months earlier. I came home first and Tony had some church business to handle. He got home and I told him the news.
Tony was very mad. He called Henry and kept his cool but the anger was boiling. He drove to the mechanic and I just finished the chores with the kids and figured our plans were once again shot. No problem, we would play some games, and Saturday a BBQ at the kids school. They had no idea we were planning anything, so all was well.
Tony called and he was in the van with the mechanic and the car was doing exactly what we said. That was a great help. When he got back to the shop, Henry said he would foot the bill for a rental van for us. Isn't that wonderful??
We drove to Napa, swam in the pool, watched a bit of the Olympics and just relaxed to the sound of our kids giggling and splashing. Our van is still in the shop, our converts are going thru the wringer but God is still on the throne. I am so thankful for this peaceful time! My brain feels refreshed and I rejoice to see what is in store from the awesome God I serve today!

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christine said...

Glad you got to relax. Yeah, funny how we go through the same things sometimes. I'm going to work on your board today! Finally.