Monday, July 7, 2008

Tony got a place!!!! God moves again!

Tony hit the pavement with a great attitude and lots of prayer! There was a whole lot of no's. But he went to a video store and asked there. We have seen a whole lot of car washes going on and this place had one last weekend.
The man was great! He explained he is stopping the car washes, as it started out to help a family with burial expenses, but now the little gangs are catching on and making some money with fake causes. He let a church use it last week and they left the place a mess. Tony promised to clean it and do him right. The man said, well lets go look where you will need to be. There is a big bank on one side and he said, I know the boss here, lets go talk with him! They did and Tony got full permission! He was buzzing!
The funny thing is in a huge plaza parking lot, with a Sav-Mart (same as Albertson's), a few other stores, this man run a video store. The back part of his store is porn! So the folks stoppin' in Saturday night will be hearing the gospel! The man is aware of it! Tony was up front about who he was and what we do!
Soooooooooo, we updated the flyer and the printers are running it off and having them cut for us to pick up on Thursday! We will be hitting the streets on our own for some blitzing of Yuba City! Pray for us! We are real excited!


Brusuelas Klan said...

Praying diffently! I love the whole porn shop deal it's awesome that God will have a chance to give them an ear full of the Gospel, Love it! I can't wait to hear the outcome! Love and miss you all too much!

christine said...

Awesome. God's timing is always the best! Can't wait to hear about the results too! Christine

tony said...

Just to clear up the matter...I had no idea it was a porn shop in the back! I must have had serious tunnel vision. I asked at the front about using the parking lot and the girl said I would have to talk to the owner in the back if I didn't mind going back there. So I went back there and thought: "what a strange thing to have another video store in the back larger than in front??? Duh! It didn't hit me until I asked the owner's wife (yes, I did say wife) and she looked at me strange when I said we were going to put on a gospel concert...she went to ask her husband. Then I saw where I was and almost puked! But I was there now and went ahead and asked to use the parking lot. BINGO! Needless to say, I pay much closer attention to where I am going now!

christine said...

Tony, tunnel vision is a good thing sometimes!!! Hahaha!

Thanks. I did put in a "thread" at scrap matters the main site I go to. 2 people responded. One said she hasn't heard of anything like that & doesn't want to. They both wanted me to let them know what blog I went to at the time.

Awesome for your kids!!! Is Eric doing the New Converts class at your house?