Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Structure is so Important

I am very, very, very organized person.  I thrive in order and structure.  When life gets unorganized, then I go a bit bonky! I mean I melt down, my brain gets fuzzy, I get tired and want to hide until the order of life is fixed.  Adopting 3 kids, while having 4 others that are homeschooled, and moving with no dates or set times in place is the mega unorganization~major major major.
Getting up early to set my day in order.  That means coffee made and time with Jesus.  I must have that time to pray for myself, my children, hubby and friends.  This is my foundation of the day.  The storms come but with the sure footing of Jesus strengthening me, I can press on, not by my power and strength, but thru the Savior who loves me so much.
All of our children also thrive with the structure of our scheduled lives, but more so the new 3 boys.  They are so quick in seeing how the older 4 get along, and are following in their pattern.  Well, sometimes.  Mr. J3 is well, three and he is the most stubborn, and a big problem is that he is wicked cute!  I mean his eyes sparkle and he smiles like an imp!  I have to be firm, like real firm with him.  He gets no grace at this time. I feel like such a meanie.  He is wearing a path down the hallway. Tears are an automatic, talking back, doing what I just told him not to do, touching things he is not allowed to touch and multiple other infractions.  I mean it is like crazy, but he is doing really good at it.  He knows Mom says what she means, and that is helping the house to relax also as the structure is built from the ground up.
W5 loves the schedule, and really thrives with it.  He is going to do so much better when I can incorporate schooling with him.  Right now, we are trying to get all on the same page in a tiny little house.
D7, his homework time is the best to me.  It is just him and I and he loves that I sit right there with him.  I will be honest, it is 3:30pm, smack dab in the middle of prep dinner and get stuff ready, but I sit there and we smile and laugh.  He knows he gets to go on the puter when he is done, and he loves it. 
A big huge thing today, is W5 is not always kind to his big brother, but today, he sits behind him while D7 is on puter and says, Good job, I am here if you need help.  This is a big, I mean humongous step.  They seem to have been pitted against each other some way.  Our family is very much into encouraging each other, and kindness.  I am seeing kindness come out of W5.  All the papers on W5 background talk of his anger and meanness.  Now, I have seen it, and it is UG-LEEE!  Seeing the change is beyond beautiful. 
We are in revival this week, and that means church every night.  This is a bit of a strain for me, but I am seeing the difference it makes in their lives also.  The evenings are later, but it is all worth it!


Romy said...

you are a super mom in my eyes, I have enormous respect for you and for what you are doing!!

one day, you have to tell me how the older kids get involved in making room for the new part of the family, oki?

and if the girls have any inclination for expressing themselves in scrapping?

Pressed Petals said...

just remember when mr. j is testing and retesting the boundaries, he wants to make sure they are still there. ;) tough, but you will win this battle. ♥