Friday, April 13, 2012

thumbp thump themp

I am sitting at the puter, enjoying cool breeze and keep hearing the thump thump in the hall? What? Tiny thumps, but lots of them and rather quick ones too? I forgot I had a 3 year old in the house that went to bed 30 minutes ago.  I go down the hall and a half naked little boy that has my heart is dancing in the hall.  Come on little man, you blew it, bed for you.  I put him in the bed he wanted. Tears! Oh the dear drama of exhaustion and being 3.  Come here little man, do you wanna be with sister? I could see the blankets nod in affirmative.  Come here hon, I will carry you, take your pillow, I have the frog blankie. 
Yeah, almost 50, and I am calling it a blankie!
I poured a very happy little boy into a mutually happy sisters bed and all is well!
On a good note also, I ate food this morning and had coffee...let all the family rejoice!  I was so mad this morning, I am in the bathroom doing dry heave retching and stomped out of the room.  I put a piece of toast in the toaster, and pulled a cup out of the cupboard.  I ate the toast and drank the coffee and got all indignant and said, "you stinking devil, you make me nauseous and I don't eat, so I get dry heaves, I am gonna fill my tummy with food, and puke in your nasty face!"
I ate, drank and was merry! 
We had our social worker visit and it was grand, the kids were so curious and just loving! She was a bit blown away after the reports on how detached they were and how hard it was for them to come around to people. J3 spent the visit, placing slobbery kisses on everyone, W5 kept sharing his ear bud from the radio Bubba Eric got him, and being amazed that his mom knew the words to Lady Gaga, and I think I hit a good note, in "I don't wanna be friends" bhhhaaaa, even D7 came in and talked about school and laughed with us.  It was such a great visit, and Eric can drive one at a time with him, until they are legally family.  Plus I can now go to appointments or run to the store and leave kids with the kids for a bit.  That is a huge help to me, and the kids (all of them) like to hang at the house.  Shopping is a bit boring most times.
We ate gruel for dinner (aka hamburger helper) and spinach. Then to the park for a run run run.  We had this great idea for Frosty's from Wendy's.  They are now exhausted totally, full of ice cream! woot!! Yep, home and pj's (well not completely) teeth brushed, prayers said, and in bed. 
Hence the beginning of the story. thumbp thump themp! A great noise to hear in the house. Sleep will come again tonight with a smile!

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Joy aka GoddessJoy said...

Maybe you were having some "morning sickness" since you have new little ones?? :D