Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Bingo for books! Plus Pizza and drinks FREE! Woot! I had cooked beans all day, made spanish rice and already cooked the taco meat.  I am so glad for cling wrap and refrigeration! hahahha
D7's class had a fun family night at the school this evening, and it was a bit tense at first. The caller was hard to hear, we were starving. 
This is the family that is on major structure, and waiting til 6:45 to eat when 5pm is the normal devouring time was a tough one to keep young bellies on task for books.  There were hundreds and hundreds of books there, and the teachers were handing out winning tickets even if the kids didn't get to say BINGO!  W5 got the first one and skipped to the book table.  Poor D7, he is just like a balloon, he deflates immediately.  His teacher was on him in a second with a winning ticket.  But, D7 did not understand, he didn't win? I can get a book?  He wanted to win!  Finally he did, and by that time, the free book tickets were flowing and the pizzas had arrived on scene.  The smell was heavenly.
There was so many pizzas that all our kids had at least 3 pieces, and Gman, egads had FIVE!!! The were pushing the pizza on us.  Eric was hoping for a box!
The day was pretty darn good actually.  D7 had a melt down, but not like a drama one, more just tears and thinking.  I went in every 5 minutes or so and just rubbed his back and told him I loved him, and asked if he wanted to keep crying.  He was so cute, he would nod yes, and then sniffle into his little face cloth.  I would kiss him and tell him again, I was waiting in the front room, and he was welcome to join us when he stopped crying.  He came out and we did home work and laughed.  This is working, and I am rather excited about it.  This is something we had never known about with the first 4 kids transition, and it would have been so helpful.
The craziness of the late dinner and all might have been the culprit, but W5 hauled off and just kicked D7 while I was watching out window, and big brother was right there also. 
D7 was gonna tell mom, but Eric said, no I will.  You stay here.  My son came in rather calm and explained. I told him I saw it, and W5 melted away into oh no, not me, I am falsely accused and all that, but using the main words, I don't wanna, no, I, I, I...etc.
He had to stop crying, and then apologize to D7 and tell him he loved him. 
Three times he came out, face stern.  I said are you ready to tell D?
He only wanted to tell his story.  Nope, back to the room...
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and he would run back and jump on his bed.
So Dad told him, that's it dude, bed for the evening now.
It was about 5 minutes before all were to go to bed, the rest were getting there jammies and brushing teeth.  Neither of us would leave him in the dark or alone.  The fear of these babies is real.  So I lay next to him while he thrashed and screamed.  I prayed and sang, and then said, I want to help you to stop crying.  Lets breathe together.  I started taking big deep breaths.  After a couple he joined with me.  The crying stopped.  Aaah, now healing can work.
Do you want to come out with the family and pray?  Yes was whispered.
Can you tell D7, sorry and that you do love him?  Yes again.
I am very proud of you and I will hold your hand and be right there.
He apologized and said I love you, and D7 said it back.  Then they hugged! This is beyond huge! Oh my! I could have done a jig.
We prayed, tossed them in bed, and I sat there for a bit to watch them.  I was there about 20 minutes, sleep had come.  I thought! hmmm
Back to check in 10 minutes, spit wads and glow sticks had been pulled out and were hidden in casts etc.  Geez! I picked up the slobbery tissues, smarter now, and they would be wiping on pillow cases tomorrow.  Took the glowing stick out of cast and kissed them all again and waited another 15 minutes til movement ceased!
Can you love your children more each day?
Having little ones again, makes me freak each time Eric stands up, he is like a giant.  Abby makes me giggle with her determination not to let the boys get to her, she laughs and has made it a bit of a competition I think, Anna is just the little mom, and is beyond to watch, (she has a gift with the kids). Gabriel just loves playing with them and I think is enjoying the toys and time so much! 
We had all began to grow more independent as a family, the kids stretching their wings, going places and all, and this has really brought us in closer.  I am amazed at the dynamics of it all.


Meg B said...

Anne this makes my heart so happy for you and your family!!! Thank you for sharing so much and being so transparent, it's giving me confidence for when we'll take this step.

Pressed Petals said...

can i ditto the above comment?