Monday, May 7, 2012

Wild Life and more abound in the new house!

This is one of the many lizards that have given their tails and yes even their lives for the amusement of the kids!  W5 was petrified at first, but D7 is a lover of all things creepy, crawly and that make mom cringe.  After much coaxing, W5 had that thing on his head!  I was shuddering! lol
Gman and sisters are right out there with the boys. Turning the over rocks, logs and other things in search of life.

They have found lizards, scorpions (which they know are dangerous) and even tiny little tree frogs.  I was totally surprised at the frogs.  This is the desert and water is very scarce and well I haven't seen a frog in town ever!
Right outside the back gate is pure undefiled desert! It goes for a long time.  There is an aroyo ( a ditch that will hold water if we get rain), then the hospital.  The medi-copter pad is in plain site and there is screams of helicopter and a run to get to the top of the rim to the aroyo to watch the helicopter land or take off.  There was about 5 landings on Saturday, and one take off, the people waved to the boys! They were beyond excited about that.  The blue man waved at us!! But it was said by 6 of them, over and over! 
The house is big and we all have space to play, eat, cook, learn and even be alone!  I have 3 big boxes left in my room, but am just plumb tuckered, so will give it a whirl after my 20 minute nap!


alamama said...

fun, fun! great photos! love the one on the head!

Heather T. said...

Wow, that sounds so fantastic, Anne!! I loved the desert when we visited, but it was probably 50 degrees less than what it was in summertime--I could never handle the heat. How fascinating, all those animals!