Monday, April 16, 2012

Huge Steps

Last night everyone slept in their own bed.  The young boys went down at 8pm sharp, and the rest of the family had to regroup.  We were all feeling the stress and tension was high.  I was so proud of my Eric, he talked with Dad, and then Dad to me, and then us all together.  We came together with a plan and all were excited to know what to do in melt downs and when things were out of  their control.  We began today anew! 
Then Abby was sick with fever most of the night, J3 coughed from allergies thru the night, and W5 had snuffles also.  Gman felt okay, no fever til this morning and then he was just exhausted and slept til 1pm.
I can not just go to the medicine cabinet and toss cough syrup down the boys gullets.  I have to have permission and let my SW (social worker) know prior (if possible).  I also have to log their intake of any OTC meds.  I really thought it was allergies, due to our insane weed pulling on Saturday and the high winds of dirt that covered our area.  I got some very low dose med for both young boys, and D7 was tough and ready for school this morning.

I played telephone tag with receptionists at orthopedic doctors to get a follow up for W5.  He broke his arm 2 weeks ago and is supposed to be seen now.  I can't just go to a doctor and say, hey look he has a cast, can you take an xray and see if it is healed and tell me more? I have to go to a primary doctor first and he has to look at it and say, wow a cast!  Let me refer you. Argh! Well we got the referral and our family doctor, whom I love, said, that I should give it another week before I call for appointment, so that when we go, they will probably just take the cast off!  That is one of the reasons I love our Doctor.
We had one melt down today and it was like 3 minutes long, I won! woot! Then there was another one, but it was so short, and I was so proud of W5, he came out and and hugged me, told me he loved me and played so good aterwards! YEAH
Then after dinner, all the kids wanted to walk to the park at the school up the street.  Hands held by partner is a must, but J3 decided, not for him, and had a melt down in the front yard.  I swooped him up and said no worries, ya'll go to the park, J3 is gonna go melt down in his room.  Bye guys.  J3 hooped and hollered for 12 minutes.  Tony and I giggled on the couch.  We are horrible I know, but the racket and outrageous repetition of I wanna goooOOoOOooooOOooo bring giggles to our lives.  He came out, astounded that his cuteness did not get him a reprieve and the kids were indeed gone without him.  I told him he could play with his treasure chest or with the legos.  He sat with the most forlorn look, but no tears or whinging.  I gathered my keys and files to battle the Walgreen pharmacy for Gabe and the boys meds.  Tony was to stay with J3. 
I WANNNNNA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo! Shreiked from J3.  No, sorry sweetie, I love you, but Daddy is gonna stay here, and since you are in melt down, off to your bed. Kissed him on his abundant forehead, and he ran off to his bed.  Tony said it lasted about 30 seconds after I left.  The kids came home and didn't know if bathes were gonna happen or not.  They still had an hour of play time. They went back to park, and J3 got to go.  But had to hold sisters hand.
Laughter is heard down the street, door opens, J3 runs to me and says, Mom, mom, I hold sister's hand!
W5 jumps at me and hugs me so tight and says, I am gonna squeeze some love from you!
and D7 gives me a flower. I hugged him and yep, I cried.  I love these boys, they ooze love and just thrive in the midst of it!
I could not get him to stop moving once I put it in a pot with wet cotton balls to keep alive! It will be dried and pressed and put in a frame for eternity!

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Pressed Petals said...

anne, i both felt for and giggled at the melt downs. hour (or longer) meltdowns were nothing for c! keep it up. LOVE the flower. you are a blessed woman.