Saturday, April 14, 2012

My friend Jeanne left today.

She was my friend.  She was stubborn and opinionated and I loved that in her.  I will not post a picture, cause that would royally piss her off. She let me take a photo of her a few months back, with her son. I will print it and give to Orlando.
Jeanne was always trying to get me to be less loud.  She was a punk and I loved her.  The last few days, I prayed and cried out to God for her to be healed completely and nothing less.  Jeanne is a proud (in a good way) woman, and it would kill her slowly to be a burden to anyone. 
I am sitting here, all the kids in bed, and finally can let the tears flow.  Sad to not see her tomorrow, sad for her dear son, who I believe is gonna need more prayer than I did for his momma.  He is a good man, a husband and father.  He is Jeanne's only child, and she loved him and taught him right.  He is serving God and I believe will see destiny and become stronger through Jeanne passing. 
I met Jeanne when her son was young, very young, like running in the church young.  She was in Roswell, in one of our baby churches.  She gave her life to Jesus and never ever looked back.  When the church in Roswell began to sputter and grow smaller, she moved her life to Alamogordo.  She was a blessing as a single mom and worked hard her whole time.
Dang it woman, I miss you already!

The winds howled all day today, moving the desert up and into the air.  My chest aches from the dirt and from the emotion that won't release right.  I think perhaps I am waiting to see my friends tomorrow in church, the family that loved Jeanne also.
I close, and am just tired this evening.  I still hold my Joy and with that Joy, knowing how much Jeanne loved and served Jesus Christ. 

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Rhonda said...

Oh Anne..... I am so sorry to hear of your loss....good friends like Jeanne are hard to find! Please know that I will keep all of you, her family and yours in my thoughts and prayers....Big hugs to you from me my dear sweet friend!!