Friday, April 13, 2012

Just a day!

Woke up this morning to a text of a dear, dear lady friend is in hospital with heart problems.  I hit the couch and just started praying and contending for her!  The text messages were coming fast and furious regarding her updates.  Life and Death over and over.  Pray, pray and pray some more.
The kids all up and the routines of morning are going grand.  J3 and W5 love sleeping in with their sisters.  They are so snuggled and comfy and D7 is just as happy up on the top bunk in the Boy room.  He is like a cement block to wake in the morning.  But this smile that comes is worth the trouble!
Each boy has a sibling to help them dress, eat, teeth and hook up with for chores in the morning.  They do great at it.  D7 and W5 were secretly making Abby's bed while she was helping J3 brush his teeth.  They were giggling with such delight to bless their sister.  I took a million pictures and giggled with them!
We all drove to bring D7 to school, and Eric walked him in.  Then to a park to play for about 30 minutes.  The me the task master, have to walk.  We all took off for a brisk walk around the park, and J and W ran up and then down the hill, over and over, as I smiled knowing the exhaustion I was creating! hahaha evil woman I am!
Home to go thru the many boxes of clothes, shoes and other things to begin getting the garage prepared for moving and packing. 
**side note** with our other children, Eric came with a walmart bag of dirty clothes, and Gman and the twins about 6 boxes and 3 bags of clothes, these boys came with so much we had to rent a U-haul.  They have been in the system, but loved and cared for by some amazing people! We are beyond grateful!
J3 and W5 helped and played hard in back yard.  It was 2 hours of hard work! We came in and ate, and J3 knows that after his belly is full, it is time to lay on mom's bed and "sneeze" (which is snore) in Mom's ear.  He falls asleep in under 5 minutes and goes out for 2 full hours of peace.  J3 mouth moves on a constant motion!  He talks so much I feel for my mom again and again.
The 4 older kids took off to library, and other errands, so W5 and I had computer time.  He learned the rules of computer.  He built roads, and building s with TONKA!  He totally concentrated! His right hand is in a little cast so he has to use his left to do the mouse.  He did so good.  Here is a picture of him from behind. I plan on doing some layouts, but will blur the faces until the adoption is complete.  **pray for October please**
My phone has been vibrating like mad thru this whole thing, my friend is Stable, she is in surgery, she is doing well. I know there are hundreds of people praying for her, and I am so amazed again by the power of prayer and my God.
I close this post with a plea for prayer for my friend Jeanne.  Please pray for a complete recovery! Thank you my friends!

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what are their names again? Hubby askin :) Wilmz