Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning Sickness!?!?! With ADoption?

I thought I was gonna be able to slide out of it this adoption...but dry heaves all morning, clammy shaky. Darn it!  I haven't eaten in the morning, or lunch since Tuesday, cause of nausea! It is very funny to write this, but darn if I can control it!
D7 started school this morning, and he was so nervous, til he got there, then all the boys in the class were so happy to see him!  He smiled that smile that will just make you want to hang the moon for him.  I stayed for about 30 minutes with him and he waved and let me kiss him.  I drove off, and made it about one block and had to pull over...ugh...
Don't go on Aspen behind the doctor's office.  Egads!
I got home, and prayed again, had Tony pray with me, and we talked and I began all over again.  Getting mad at myself for it!  Tony says it is because I am so organized and like a schedule and we have been on, no schedule, just insanity for a bit!
We loaded everyone into the Beast (our van) and went to park.  I had paper and plans in my head.  Tony took the day off, since I was a dry heaving basket case!
These boys are beyond good, I mean, really, it is just I need to structure to help them.  That is slow going.  But it is getting better.
J3 is sleeping now, W5 is with Eric and Dad looking for boxes so we can start packing.  More insanity.  I am going to fight these nerves, I don't like them, and I am done with it! lol

**adding to let everyone know, I am a spaz and my body does this, but I fight it, and am still laughing**


Heather T. said...

Oh Anne, I'm so sorry it's affecting you this way!! Big hugs, and I hope you feel more comfortable soon...

Pressed Petals said...

you can do it mama! i think your heart is bigger than your heaves! ;)