Thursday, April 19, 2012


I love YouTube, Google and just plain researching things.  Cutting black boys hair was turning into a very daunting thought.  I had different people telling me different things, and I was having waaaaaaaaaaaay to much anxiety! Way too much.  I called around to some barbers, and more anxiety, til I called Berto at Tina's Barber.  He was so kind and said, $8.95 each, no worries, I can do it!
I pulled D7 out of school early to make the appointment, walked into the best kept secret in my little town.  A gorgeous salon with an add on old fashioned man's barber shop! I mean it is fantastic, clean and I loved it.  But I didn't see any man?
A sweet girl with a German accent asked to help me.  I explained I had an appointment for a man that cut Black boys hair at 3 for 3 boys? Panic was setting into my heart. My boys so wanted their hairs cut, their fros were beyond manageable. She asked if I was particular? NO, please, just cut them, please!!  An even smaller lady with a thicker accent took us to the barber area, and she rocked their heads! I mean it was great!  She said, black hair is the easiest ever!! I watched, and watched, and after all the videos I had watched that afternoon.  I think I can do it now!! yes!! Apparently, a good cut every 2 weeks is important to keep the look! So I will be giving it a whirl! May 2nd. 
Eric and G-man were so excited about how the boy's hair turned out, they went down today and got theirs done also! I love when they are all cut and looking spiffy!
Behavior has been so good!  There are some, but that isn't because of transition, it is because they are kids and get mad when things don't go their way.  The melt downs have turned to suck it ups.  Seriously, they go into their room, suck it up, wash face and come out with a changed attitude! Totally cool to see.
We are working on the I WANTS, and trying to change to May I have please.  So, J3 and I are going thru it outside.  I have the ice pops, I ask, "What color ice pop would you like?"
I want....
I correct, May I please have....
J3 smiles and nods, and says, May I please have...I want green!  We roll.  He is cute beyond words!
But they are sharing and saying sorry, and asking each other for things.  I love it! 
Watching my hubby with them is almost as much fun as watching Eric laugh at his Dad with them too.  The humor of Dad is caught by Eric and it is great fun.  

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