Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Power of a Shower

Evening update:
Today was D7 first day of school.  He is a bit behind and will probably redo 1st grade, but the teacher is going to have him "help" the kinder class when they do reading.  Then he will meet all the kids there that pour into her class, and take him on again.  She is totally smitten with him.  The teacher sent home some books for D7 to read and told me he was having issues with letters, sounds and blends.
Tonight, only D7 had a bath, because I wanted to give him a bit more responsibility as the oldest and teach him how to shower.  I filled up the tub and he soaked in there; with me, sitting on the floor, I scrubbed his back, and legs and then he stood up and washed. He talked non stop to me about school, the kids in the class, the life book we sent to him to learn about our family.  It was beyond awesome!
 We used a small bucket to rinse yesterday for bathes, so I said, "Would you like to try a shower?"
oh, my mind will hold that smile in my head forever.  He is such the little man, he wants to be the little kid, but yearns to be mature. I explained that Gman did not like showers at first, that he didn't like the water on his face.  D7 nodded with such a grown up face and said, "I don't like my face to get splashed, but I want to try this."
I have to say, that the adventure spirit in these boys can lift one up.  They try food and new things with such excitement and wonder! Okay, some times, food they are a bit wary, but oh if they like it, they are so happy!
Anyway, we (D7 and I) got the water temperature just right, and then I turned the shower head so it would spray the wall.  Oh my, it was cold.  D7 got laughing and fixed the handles and got the temp just perfect.  I have always been bad on which one is cold and hot.  He did it like a pro.  Then said, "Go ahead, and move it over, I can tell it is gonna be good."
I moved it onto his back and he was so happy! Our water bill will probably go sky high, but it is so worth the time spent, laughing with him. 
After the bath, I cut his toenails, and lathered him up with some cocoa butter.  Oh my goodness, but this lotion is like the best! His skin positively glows!  We also got some olive oil lotion for their hair, and it has made the hair soft and shiny.  I had a pick and got a brush from the Ethnic section, and D7 brushes his hair all the time! 
I went in to turn off the light and had to tell him to put away his brush! Hilarious! He picks it, then brushes, then picks and then walks around so we can all touch it! It is so soft! 
After the other two were snuggled in bed each with a "sister".  I had D7 sit and read with me.  I think my jaw fell open and hit the ground.  He did awesome! Way better than I expected! I mean, he is struggling with blends, but he has the sight words down, and most of the sounds.  I don't know if the meds for the AD/HD affect his reading.  He is so lethargic on the meds.  I am going to test this theory tomorrow morning before school.  To see what happens when he reads to me then.  I know that about 4:30pm, the little boy that is there is just precious and very alert and attentive.


Anonymous said...

Anne I'm so happy for all of you!

On the meds, my nephew in on one and it does slow him down in the afternoon. His attention isn't as good either around 2:30 pm.

Hair- If you need any advice please please let me know. I like Wen products but there are kids specific products available such as Kashay Kids. I think it's excellent that you went to olive oil and it really made me smile because it's such an excellent choice.

Olive oil is also good for the skin, and something I use as well.

He sounds like a charmer and hard worker. I'm sure he will excel in your care and will be reading like a champ in no time. :)


Bernie said...

oh Anne such a lovely post to read! I'm so glad for you all that you're getting these precious moments together!
Bernie x