Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday-whew a week of wonder

After last week, I have to tell you I am plumb bushed! I went to bed Friday night at 8:30pm and woke up at 10:30am.  Just worn out, and loving every minute of it!  What a joy to see folks living for God. The fellowship was an inspiration of God, I tell you! The Jamison's came from Oroville, and Peggy did nursery, so I basked in the last night of revival.  It was beyond all!  Thirty folks, and a few new faces on top of that.  
One of my favorite parts of church is the buzz of the people before and after church.  I tell you there was a buzz on Thursday evening!  At altar call, I went into the prayer room to set up, what I thought would be a small little buffet.  I almost burst into tears, this group of people had rallied to the cause of fellowship.  Turkey, salad, egg rolls, cookies, muffins, rolls, taco salads, chips, and more! I just kept looking thinking where did this come from? Dear God, bless these precious people as they give so freely. 
Dear Sweet Anna Louise, began it all with a turkey she wanted to bake and give to the church, could she do that?  Oh, what a heart, from that grew a fabulous fellowship of souls new to Christ, laughing and getting to know each other over cream cheese pinwheels, and pink lemonade.
Getting a picture of Anna Louise was a tough one, cause she was serving and prepping and being  an all around wonder!  
This is just one of the tables, that was laden with good food and happiness.  We were sending plates full home to those who didn't come with gentle admonishments to come next time, we missed you! 
So, due to the response and great results, this has become a Sunday regular.  We had desserts last night, and folks brought cookies, and cornbread.  We had milk and cookies after a testimony services that put a smile so wide on my face, I think my ears ache!  There really is something remarkable when you sit and share food with another person.  I have to admit to being a bit of stick in the mud to potlucks, but wow, I am a changed woman! I will make pinwheels and crock pots of chili to see folks loving God and getting to know their brothers and sisters in Christ like this!
The saints going thru the line, filling up their plates! Miss Christy, Kim, Shawn and Bret in the back!
This is Shawn and his Aunt, Miss Christy. Just a joy to have, Shawn's wife Tricia has to work nights, so we missed having her, but praying for miracles for their  lifes!  That is Sherri in the background, she goes to work at midnight, but still came to church! Gotta love that!
Two new faces, that stayed and laughed, Caren and Carol Lynn.  They were on their way to a recovery meeting, and just popped in.  They were loving it! I enjoyed them so much, and hope to see them at bible study this Wednesday.
The girls brought one of the neighbor kids, and that is of course always a buzz, when you bring someone to church!
this is Braden and me, you can see our Lisa and her son in the back ground!  I have to tell of this sweet Braden, he is energy in a denim.  I was holding the cupcake and he was eating it, but you all know I talk with my hand, so I had this cupcake waving all over and the poor thing was trying to get a bit of the snack.  I got laughing so hard at him.  Peggy took this shot and I love it to pieces.  Braden says he wants to marry me, I told him he had to get a job, and couldn't live with mom.  He says okay. His momma, Sarah, just laughs.  I didn't get a picture of her, but I will!
That handsome man in cream, is my hubby, the Pastor of this remarkable flock of people!  That lady with the big smile is Amber, our fruitful sister.  You can also see we have the fellowship tree in the background! ha ha ha... Oh my see the clock! 9pm! We are some party people!  I got home at 10:30 that night and just sighed and had to thank God all over again.  This is the beginning of a break through and wow, it's a doozy. 
The next day, was our 21st wedding anniversary, we spent the day, smiling and knowing we were right were God wanted us to be, His will. Please pray for these souls by name and Yuba City!!


Keri Jo said...

Thanks for sharing this. Revivals and food fellowship's were one of my favorite part of pastoring. People stick around so you can get to know them.

Pressed Petals said...

where is that banana smilely doing the happy dance...i need to post a few here! praise god! we need to talk this week!

abby said...

My sister and i made confetti cupcakes and,they were yummy.

HeatherB said...

Anne, you make me smile! Love reading your post here, but more than that, loved seeing your photo! You are a real breath of fresh air at TDC, I'm so glad you found us there! :)