Friday, February 18, 2011

Testing and Learning more and more...and FREE alpha LINK!

My brain is growing! I love to learn! I mean I seriously love to learn.  This past week, my brain has been pushed to the maximum.  I had a free evening, and thought I would try something new!  I am very, very honored to be an action/script tester for Studio Wendy.  Now, I am not a designer, nor do I want to be, so my testing is more scrapping regular things.  I can do the things a regular scrapper would want for their stash of "Let's make this easier" 
I have gotten to make stickers, add pics to quick pages, made flairs and buttons, and even done a few sharpen images for Face book uploads.  It is always fun to work with Wendy.  She is very patient and wants the product to be perfect before it hits the store.
Now that I have the big dog, CS5, I get to go through her store and see what items don't have the CS5 approval on them and give them a whirl.
I have a dear friend and very talented scrapper, who is going to be one awesome designer.  She gives away templates, and alphas on her blog, 68 ways to express yourself.  Chengie is in a country that the internet is not the fastest on the planet, so her darling alphas are on a sheet.  This is the one she has free right now:
I love it.  I thought, hey I will try the Alpha Cutter/Saver that Studio Wendy has in her store:
I admit, I had to read the tutorial twice, and was reading it real slow and outloud!  My family look at me and shake their heads. "Mom? You okay? "
"Yes, I am learning, and I have to read it and hear it and say it to really get it! " I answer.
Well, I got it.  I learned how to install scripts, record actions and cut up my fun and beautiful alpha made by Chengie! It is all saved now and looking lovely in her folder. 
I really think everyone should have this, just for the fun and wonder of what designers go through to make just an alpha for you!  It isn't all fluff and stuff! They put a whole lot of time in to designing each item. 
So go get Chengie's wonderful alpha and don't forget to say thank you.  Watch this lady, she is gonna be a star!!!

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

Love the alpha! But I have PSE, :( so I can't use the action. Oh well. I don't mind.

Thanks so much for the blog love!!! I'm so thrilled to be on board! xoxo