Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creative Team Addict

I love making scrapbook pages, just to stay busy, and it is to me, like rearranging furniture(which I love to do), but waaaaaay easier!  I gave up most of my creative teams, and have been buying (gasp) all my kits.  This is a good thing, as I am forced to make pages I want to print when I buy them. 
But I am very active in scrapping, I need to have fun scrap time, where I just rearrange and make a page that is fun and challenging still.  I neeeeeeeeeeeeed that deadline!
I applied for the March Guest for a store CT for the Digichick.  I got it! Woot! I have never done a store CT before. I love it! I love their "system" and the kindness each person shows.  It really is one of the most relaxed, yet professional places I have CT'd.  I had a blast during the wild and crazy create time this week.  I made three layouts.
First is for my dear friend JulieitIS, now known as Sherwood Studios, and her newest At the Pub:
I was all full jof mojo, so I then picked up the DigiChicks Collab called All About Me and Three Sweet Chicks Template collection Chicklet Journaling Vol 1.

Now I got crazy and laughing about fun things, and photos from a fun evening:

 I love the colors and flowers in the is Boutique Collab!  I used another one of 3 Sweet Chicks templates that comes with the collab and the collab again, for a Me in 3 layout.  I enjoyed playing around with the photo of me, and cropping it and putting some Pioneer Woman action on it!
I'm still busy doing things behind the scenes for Tangie Baxter and she has a beautiful collab coming out tomorrow (or for those late nite owls, you might see it then)


Rebecca said...

Yay! Congratulations, Anne!!! That is so exciting! Beautiful layout, by the way! Have fun!!

alamama said...

great los. the 2nd one is right up my alley.

txbubbles said...

Yep, you are definitely a CT addict, rofl! Love the new pages!