Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am an official affiliate of All About Spelling!

Yep, you will see me proudly wearing this little banner. 

Yep, I do get a percentage of any sales, but I signed up, because All About Spelling (AAS) worked and is still working for my son.
My son is 12 and we started this year in Level 1.  Yes, I said age 12 and level ONE!  You see, Gman spent most of kinder in the bathroom because it was quiet.  He had very loud and mentally unstable children in his class that made him nervous.  The following year, a student teacher was in charge of his spelling, and because G is so quiet, he was ignored.  This is his story. His spelling was so bad, and yet his imagination and creative writing was tops.  You just couldn't understand it. 
Our Educational Specialist here at the charter we use in California, read his work and said, I can see exactly almost what days he missed in kinder and first grade spelling.  That sent me searching for a curriculum to fit for him.  I didn't want baby books, but rules to teach and enforce in his spelling.  All About Spelling was a perfect fit.  We have done the first two books, and will start the third one next week! 
I knew it was a success when the boys were setting the table and G turned to his big brother to share, "Hey, did you know that every syllable has a vowel?" 

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Pressed Petals said...

tell me more about this spelling. jared may like this. and how do you always find a way to make $$?