Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wet Pellets are totally DISGUSTING!!

The book said to soak the pellets a few hours to make it easier to pull the fur off the bones! OH boy, what they didn't say is soaking these extremely dry pellets causes the original smell that you think of when poop is discussed.  Totally disgusting!
The water was uhm yellow a bile looking yellow!

The fur now was almost green.

Tony being awesome sat down to do one! I at this time, said lets just throw it all away, here is a double bag, lets toss them!
But wait! there are treasures in here, Mom look at this! I am disgusted, she has her fingers on the wet grossness!
or perhaps, the fact Abby is using my forks for hers is putting me over the edge of gross!

Tony had little screwdrivers, but he starts seeing skulls and little bones and is captivated!

Eric gets into just as much as Dad, and I take pictures!  We found a little cupful of skulls, tossed the rest and bleached the skulls.  Gross, gross, gross!


Helena said...

Ewww! LOL. Yep, that's pretty gross. I think one of my younger siblings got to dissect owl pellets in high school.

I have to tell you your light orange "comments" link is very hard to see on the gray background.

Tiffany said...

ordering owl can order those?! And they are feces?? I thought they barfed them out. Thanks for sharing - this actually seems like a fun project for kids.