Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life is full of Blessings!

I get to play with Wendy of Studio Wendy over at ScrapBookGraphics! Wendy is famous for her actions, and awesome sweetness.  I am not a designer, nor do I play one at any store, but I love to learn things.  So when Wendy had a call, I sent her a letter, telling her I was a goober, not a designer, but I could try things for her.  She already knew I was a goober and she let me on her team anyway!!?? This team is completely different from any other team I have EVER been on.  Everyone is testing in their particular program and trying it out how it would work for them, and providing feedback, good, bad and ugly, but in a nice way of course.
I received an email notification of a free 20 page 8x8 hard back Shutterfly photo book-HARDCOVER was available in the private forum for Wendy to the first responder.  I had lightning under my fingertips, to get there!
Wendy graciously sent me the coupon, and I furiously begin uploading and arranging the pictures in Shutterfly's program.  I have used MyPicTales for just pages, not a book, so it is alot different, but has some of the same aspects.
I had a lot of 2010 pics, so I put them chronological, and had some gaps to fill in, so I scrapped a ton that day to get 'er done and uploaded! I was sapped!  I luckily had a few that I in my "work in progress" and that helped.  I wound up uploading an extra 7 pages to the book. It came in the mail within a week!
I was home by myself, and the postman brought it to the door! I wanted to take a picture of him handing it too me.  He is the bomb diddly of a mailman, brought it to the door and is all happy that I am happy.  But, alas, I chickened out!!
I took a few pics to show you the finished book.  I didn't use a flash, cause I didn't want to get that irritating shine!
This is the cover, I was not real original and although I love this picture, I would rather do something a bit different next time.
I used a whole lot of ScrapBookGraphic designers, here is Dawn Inskips and a double pager! I really liked the look with the coordinating pages.
Bit blurry, sorry, but this page and the kit are special, in Tuesday chat, Maya and her dear hubby Mick (owners of SBG) were in chat, and I won this kit Cosmopolitan from them! I loved that they are hands on owners when they can and just enjoyed the chat.  I made this page, smiling about my family playing Yatzee and thinking about Maya and Mick, kinda neat.
When I was on Dawn Inskip's team I requested a farm kit! Some kind of metamorphis was happening to my family, we put in a garden, built and got chickens and I wanted to document it all!!  Dawn had a ton of other kits that I used also, but she made an awesome kit, (of course after I had resigned from her team, ha ha, so I had to PAY for it) Farmyard Fun!
These are both from Studio Tangie, my friend and boss! I loved the difference in these pages, and the faces people have when they see my spoon page! ha ha Tangie and her funky fun kits give me altered fun and still able to document Eric and his science experiments!
Just a few mix match pages! I learned more on how to arrange and how to set them up! I only had one page that lost a bit of journaling with the bleed, so I was happy about that.  I was rushing to get them all in, and just didn't check as close.  
This time last year, my hands would sweat about printing.  I am so thankful for ScrapBookGraphics Forum -Completing a Photobook.  The knowledge and experience from Karen and Wendy really helped me bring it all together, along with others that were doing their books! 


MamaB said...

Anne, your book looks incredible! :D

Rebecca said...

That's awesome, Anne!! And your book looks great! I used a code from there not too long ago and printed my first book - I lost a decent amount to bleed - I'll give it a little more effort next time!! That would have been so funny to see a photo of your postman handing you the package!! :)

Mandi N. said...

First, Great Blog!

Second... Your Book is AMAZING!! I want to have a book printed so bad, but I'm scared so I love seeing samples of actual peoples books, instead of their stock pictures!

Thanks for sharing!