Sunday, February 6, 2011

Been hanging over at the Lily Pad for a bit! Review for ya!

I was bored and wanted to scrap for just pure fun.  I began scouring some of the forums I had not been to and fell into The Lily Pad! What a delight! I mean delightful!! I went to the store and they have this Build Your own Collab BYOC.  I loved the colors and began filling my cart.

I didn't do it right, as I went 3 or 4 times, so missed out on their bulk discount, but I will do it next month and it will be great! I had a super great time.  I did a template challenge, a scraplift, and one for the big prize for the following months BYOC. 
I loved this template and had a stroke of genius to use the photo on the paper strip! I was pretty happy with the end result.
This was a scraplift, and so hard for me not to keep adding things to the page! I loved doing it so minimal!  My Anna a few years ago.  I have a video I took along with the pics and the words on the page are from the video. 
This one is for the big prize, and I can't wait to have it printed! it is so Gman and his tea! oh he does love his tea!
I am not on any of these creative teams, and don't really know anyone there, but it was a great time, they left really nice comments on my pages and were so kind.  I even got an email from Sahlin Studios saying thank you for my purchase.  I know, I am easy, but I liked that! Fun place! 


Julie (It is.) said...

So cute about the tea... did Gman get new glasses?

Pressed Petals said...

Robert really likes your header. He wants to know if it means you like the bad Journey?

Pressed Petals said...

duh...the band journey.

Balinda {RebelChick} said...

these are the most precious of pages
Anne. I have peeked a time or two at the BYOB but didn't really understand it so I never have. Anyhow I esp love the painted type papers and the simply perfect embellies on the tea page.

Balinda {RebelChick} said...

oops! that was BYOC instead of!

Chris said...

I was wondering about Balinda's BYOB, lol! Still don't understand BYOC though!
I love these pages of yours Anne, all of them, and what a grand layout over the cup of tea. It's a big part of my life, yet never really realized how much until reading that page - it's a winner all right!