Saturday, February 12, 2011

Challenging myself in the DigiWorld!

The scrap world is it's own little world.  There is drama behind things, but I try not to lift those rocks!  I enjoy the giggles and fun of making new friends.  I spent a few years on creative teams, lots and lots of them.  There is something so addictive to getting a kit before anyone else, and opening it and freshly playing with it.  I maybe a strange and weird person, okay, I will take the maybe out, I am strange and weird. 
I gave up doing the crazy time-frame crunch of being a CT, last June, when I began assisting Tangie Baxter.  I have been sooooooooooo busy with her, loving EVERY minute of it, that I kinda stopped doing creative scrapping. 

Let me back up.  I do few  types of digital scrapping, I Art Journal, which is very me orientated, and a bit more searching and frolicking around elements and words. Hee hee, I love that way of describing it, frolic!  For instance, I found this quote that goes with Tangie's new kit Happenstance, and spent a few hours frolicking and came up with this:
I like the Art Journaling, because I try new things, like free hand brush strokes around the alpha to give more of hand drawn feel. I cut up papers haphazardly, and stack things in obscure ways. It is fun, pure and simple.
Then I do pages for the family.  I don't usually even upload most of these to galleries.  They are pure photo's and journaling and a bit of a element flash.  I do them for books.
These are chronological, and I try to do at least 2 pages per month for our yearbooks.  Sometimes in full months, there are more! I am up to date with our photobooks, and so this year I am going to do quarterly books, and do way more journaling, I pumped my goal to 5 pages a month, to get 20 page books done every 4 months!
Then I do this strange thing, usually when I get a free kit, or answer a one kit call, I go back in the way back machine and scrap a picture from years ago. 
I have already scrapped this picture, and will probably never print this one, but I had a blast putting it together.  I didn't even save it as a full resolution jpg.  I have it as save for web, and in the file that does a slide show on my puter.  It is just fluff but fun scrapping.
Then my new favorite, I take a challenge from a forum, right now I am doing most of them at the Lily-Pad, because I like the style of the designers, and am finding myself enjoying templates heavy with journaling.
This is a page that will go in our book, a page I love and adore! I mean I bought the kits, and invested in getting the exact right things to go on this page.  I will look at this one and love it years to come!  My family will think it is okay, but a page with just pictures will be fine for them! 
Do what kind of scrapping do you do?

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