Monday, January 4, 2010

well that's a flattering look!

We got the kids these huge jawbreakers for Christmas. I mean huge! They change colors as you like them! The middle has a fizzy substance. I remember these as a kid. Lick forever. Hammer once! Yep in a plastic bag and hit with hammer! Abby got a piece small enough to fit in her mouth, but still large. Notice the lovely white sugar powder all around her mouth? ha ha ha
Just finished painting the walls in my computer/fridge room. ha ha it is supposed to be the dining room, but since our dining room is where our living room is supposed to be..ya get the picture?
It is so nice and clean!
My honey is in Arizona for some butt kicking preaching and in the most beautiful hotel in the city! On top of the valley! lol He so needs to be spoiled and hear some good preaching!

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