Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh yes we can! We are oozing back into homeschool this week. I painted the other part of the kitchenette yesterday. (where my puter and fridge reside)
Today, we did just Math. Eric tucked into his corner with headphones finishing the last few lessons in pre-algebra Teaching Textbooks! The youngest 3 and me began our Math-U-See adventure. I can only say, "wow!" They got it. I have spent 3 months trying to explain area. Did I say explain. I hounded, drew pictures, screamed and yelled and area was a word, a concept out of their reach.
One day with Math-U-See and Gabriel says, oh that is area! ONE DAY!! Dear sweet Anna took a bit longer, she had to grasp the stacking and she has to have order with colors...I showed her to use different colors for the numbers and you could visible see her relax. It clicked. Abby smiled the whole time, as we whipped thru all of chapter one in one day!