Thursday, January 28, 2010


Archery? This is so not me! The local home school group I belong to sent out a reminder for FREE archery classes. My keen eye picked up on FREE rather quick. I was very wary, very, very wary. I figured there were strings. I was wrong! I was very wrong. Fantastic!
Years and years ago, my hubby, Tony had done archery with what is called a compound bow. This is olympic style bows. Tony even got in on the fun.

First Shawn explain safety and the know hows of archery. The kids were glued to his words. This blew me away. The really listened. I think they were just as blown away mom was letting them use weapons!
The rules are lean and they mean business. Whistles are to be listened to and heeded!! How nice to have someone else work with listening skills!! ha ha
Eric of course excelled. He is such an athlete. He is left handed but wanted to do this right handed. I have no idea why, but he did excellent.

Abby was so serious...her little belly hitting against the bow! tee hee...she actually won a prize for most hits. They spin a color wheel for where they should aim...yellow, red, blue, black or white! This is not just for bulls-eyes! Anna was a bit hard to get a picture of, her being left handed and against the wall. She had the most obscure hit, the lights! ha ha...she was a bit frustrated, but got into the spirit of it.
Gabriel LOVED it! His elbow was raw, til Dad pulled his leather protector thingee (I'm sure it has nifty keen-o name) up his arm. His grouping of the arrows was fantastic. Tony told me that was a good thing. I smiled and enjoyed how much they were enjoying it!
We got home about is an hour and half class. Waiting for the kids to play was one of the neighborhood kids. The were so excited to tell him about their archery class, with bows and real arrows!
Content mom!

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