Tuesday, January 19, 2010


An apartment with a pool or a house with a yard for a trampoline? This is one of the big questions we posed to kids before moving to California. Gabriel, Abby and Anna wanted a pool, Eric was firm for a yard and trampoline. We had a trampoline in New Mexico. It swallowed our little tiny yard. They would go on it..but not much. It was a smaller one.
A few months after arriving in Cali, we made the big purchase for a HUGE trampoline! It was the smartest purchase. Yeah, we have had a trip to emergency room for a sprained ankle.
I have 4 kids that play and play hard. Emergency trips are part of the bargain.
I took a few pics for you to enjoy...I laughed so hard after we uploaded the pics!
Here's Gman, who was all alone, just jumping and playing with the ball! I had video's him earlier beating the snot out of the same ball!

Abby has really been enjoying the trampoline...she gets some air! She does this slam on her back and a crunch sit up that pulls her back up. She does it over and over and over...til my tummy hurts!
The horizontal just cracks me up!

Eric is just cool. He gets so high, that I admit I get nervous. I love him here upside down!oh, and Anna does jump, but since she is so much lighter than everyone, she is the one that gets bounced out of she likes hula hoop! Gotta love those new shoes...the girl loves her shoes...we went to get church shoes and she got some heels and these..she will try EVERY shoe on in the store and oh she knows what she likes.
We had so much rain the last few days, but it comes with a wicked wind that once that rain stops it dries fast! They rush to get on to play the numerous games they have invented!
Glad Eric stuck to his guns, this was the better deal!


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Pressed Petals said...

LOVE those shoes! I want a pair!