Friday, January 29, 2010


This art journal has grown! There are 100's of folks on this caravan! The kindest and most complimentary folks ever!
This past weeks itinerary had color and this quote as some of the prompts to help us create! I am wanting to try and do new things with this. This was a real different one for me. To take a quote and "act" it out with elements, and style of font and alpha. I enjoyed it. I also loved the quote!
The writing on the side is to help me when I cut out the layout and put in my book! I upload to the caravan gallery, and it needs (in my mind) to have that explanation!

Okay, this next layout is due to the hit to my gut that came when I heard my Pastor and dear family would be leaving our home church in New Mexico and take over a church in Yuma, Arizona. I was sad, mad, and fighting accepting it! Whole lotta tears...and prayers, because accepting it HAD to happen! lol, it was gonna happen if I accepted or not, and all I was going to do was bring grief and pain to my own life...The word prompt was ACCEPT. ugh
So, as I accepted it, and my prayers became clean and clear as the vision for the lost here in Yuba City, for the lost right here! I took the next weeks word of MEND. I really felt I needed to have in my book the mending power of Jesus Christ. The whole reason we are here! It was a fun layout to do! Blending elements was a good learn also!



Rebecca said...

Wow Anne!! What beautiful, moving work you've done! I especially love your "mend" page! So touching and pretty!

Donna G. said...

I wanted to do the AC, but I'm not doing CA LOs b/c of my health, BUT I still really want to do this! Your work inspires me, Anne!