Thursday, January 21, 2010

My art journey picks up passengers.

Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Journey is amazing. Every week a new itinery, with so many inspirations that it is remarkable...then the talent in the caravan oozes into the forums to learn from some amazing artist. So all that is way cool, but then Tangie just for fun throws more things in just because she wants too..I mean this thing is a living thing that grows and way cool.
The latest is Junque Journal...envision your junk drawer and box of things that you don't want but if you had a real fun place to put it, you would put them in a junque journal. We are making one for each of us.
We bought our composition books today and spent an hour picking out fun clippies at Staples. An hour!

Glueing our papers in...where ever we want. This is such a great project as there is no wrong way or right way...just a fun way.
Annabo has drama oozing even when we do crafts...ha ha She had just torn her paper and she sounded just like Tangie from her video...oh well, it just adds character!
This is a huge statement...we had been doing the papers and laughing about things as we made the journals, and the Doritos's did not get eaten. Doritos are the favorite snack...but she forgot they were even there!


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Rebecca said...

Totally awesome! I missed the junque journal - I'd better go look!