Sunday, January 17, 2010

Raining in California!

My office is official rearranged! and it is just so comfy now and makes scrapping more assessable! I have been kinda hanging out over at Scrap Book Graphics due to the Art Journal Caravan. There are some fun challenges.
This first one is for Tangie Baxter's CT's, a fresh start:
I am up to two and 1/2 miles now in one hour walking. The funny thing is I like it! I found this site that tells you how far away a place is, so I think that I am just 2.5 miles closer to these places each time I walk. My strange little brain working over time! For those who know me, nothing unusual!
Okay, this is so beyond me...and what I will do for $2 to Tangie's store! It was to make a room or decorate a home for fairies! I could only see dandelions and baby fairies. I love learning new ways to use the digi supplies I have. It is helping to get me out of the cluster and photo layout!
Tuesday evening I love the chat over at Scrap Book Graphics...and it is fun! I won $10 for Lorie Davison's store! Each week the hostess Kate (the list maker) took our thoughts for a layout...and this is all we were aloud to use:
It is a fun time. I enjoyed scrapping today, just for fun. Not one CT "gotta" layout...just fun and I actually guffawed a few times while scrapping.
So, no school tomorrow, but I have to be responsible and get the school work together!



Rebecca said...

Wow, Anne! Very nice!!! I love what you did with the chat layout! What a smart idea!!! And the other layouts are fantastic as well!!!

William Dunigan said...

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