Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank You Dear Fhung!

This package came in the mail last Friday! From Hong Kong! How exotic to sign for a package from overseas! I knew it was coming because my friend Fhung of Studio Ztampf over @ Scrap Book Graphics, told me I had won in her nifty contest!!!
I got to know Fhung during the wild and crazy Tuesday night chats last winter at SBG!  Because of the time zones, she would be just waking up and slogging down coffee for the day and rushing out to catch the bus or train for her day of adventure!  She always had the best smilies in chat, almost like a choreographed dance!
Here is my winnning page, all filled with Studio Ztamph fun things:
 Because I am on the CREW at SBG, I told her I couldn't win, but she is a stubborn friend! (another reason I like her) and she sent me this beautiful fan, bracelet (that I wear daily), and even the card is gorgeous! Here is the bracelet on my wrinkly arm!
Thank You again my dear friend!

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