Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Listening to my kids is a good idea!

Last night, after church, I was tired, very tired, and my eldest son, says, "I was thinking, that if we do Science, History and Math all first thing in the morning, that the individual subjects we can do on ........" and I know he said more, but my brain was so full. I nodded my head and said, those are all great thoughts, but I'm tired, lets ponder it in the morning.
Then we got home, I had a cup of tea, and began to really think about what he had said.  My kids are growing up and teaching them independence is one of the main things I want to instill in them with homeschooling.  How to learn on their own.  My boys are ready to have more responsibility in that.  The girls are on the brink, but they can handle a few subjects independent. 
So, after tearing apart the house, I finally found the Science (Apologia) I had for Eric and Gabriel, and came across History of the World (Christian Perspective) by Abeka that the boys will love. I went on line and found the teacher's edition, tests and answers all for $11! Joy, joy, joy.  So the boys who have been so polite to me during Story of the World, are moving on to independent History! They are pretty excited actually!  If this works out, I think I can keep Gman with Eric in History, and move on with Abeka for the next few years, and the girls and I will press on through SOTW Volume 2&3.
The girls and I are sticking with Christian Kids Science Earth and Space, and they are learning new things to look up at library and on line there too! 
All 4 use Easy Grammar, the bottom 3, do Daily Grams and the Easy Gram 6th grade, whilst Eric does just the Daily Grams, to keep him up on Grammar.
Gman is still doing All About Spelling with me and we are seeing huge improvements in his day to day spelling.
Math-U-See is my go to still, and I have pulled Eric off Teaching Textbooks for Algebra 2.  He and I are pressing through together.  My brain aches, but my boy needs me to work with him and we are pressing on together.  Sometimes he has to remind me how it is supposed to work!
I am using these Literature Guides for Reading with all four.  Eric is doing All Quiet on the Western Front, Gman is To Kill A Mockingbird, Abby is doing The Yearling and Annabo is Shiloh.  I am tired of printing these out, so we got thumb drives for them.  They will get the book and work through the study guide and do word documents with the activities. 
The day went well, and I am pretty excited. Library today, and then we will see how it really goes!

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