Sunday, October 23, 2011

Science with the Gman

This is the first year I have let Gman work independently, and he is doing spectacular! The Apologia Science he is doing is a great way to give them the freedom to work on their own.  I ordered a Lesson Plan from Rainbow Resource, and he just uses a pencil and checks off each day! I know that Donna Young has a similar one also for free, but I liked how this was laid out.  This book was the first I ever purchased on line (used) from The Well Trained Mind. I also got a CD, that is interactive with the textbook and he can go on-line and do further research.  I like that and Gman loves anything that is like a movie.  Here is a glimpse of his planner:

Gman has just came to the end of the first module, and is half way thru the study guide.  He has done real well.  I am hovering a bit to make sure he accomplishes his work, but I can see that I can pull back now.  
He has a few experiments:
Some of the things we have, some we substitue, like instead of a grape we used a piece of a hot dog!
I can tell he loves doing them, and gets into them too:
This one was supposed to go longer, but sisters accidentally dumped it during lunch!

He takes intense notes before, during and after the experiments, and then explains to us, what is going to happen or what he thinks is going to happen:
All in my kitchen! Homeschooling at it's finest!

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