Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I've been scrappin lately!

I am one lucky lady to be able to create for some awesome designers! Here is my nifty keen-0 blinkie, I wear to let others know who let me create with their designs! FOR FREE! woot
I am gonna start from the top of the blinkie with ScrapBook Graphics!  This is a whole store, and there are Playdays each Monday to highlight the designer of the week.  I get to play with anything in their store and create a page for them.
Miss ViVi was first for October. 
I took this pic from the driver's seat of the van as my hubby was putting air in the tires. I love the skies of New are seeing the back is not pretty here in the desert on the ground, but just look up! wow!

  I used Miss Vivi’s Urban Aroma 

Next is pure fun! 
yeah we get the looks, and the comments, oh you homeschool?
so for halloween, each child had a can of whipped cream and would spray in their mouths at the door!! it was hilarious, and the neighbors love it...

but the most fun was playing with the Studio Mix #9 Twilight Brew Both side A and B are beyond delightful!
Then Rosey Posey was up! I have known Lor for a long time and am just delighted in seeing her at SBG! She is an artist and really makes the most beautiful designs.
How scared I was to have girls, and then identical ones freaked me even more, this is a page to my precious girls who God has blessed me.

Spritz and Spray
Letters to my Daughter
Fragments Fairly
All by Rosey Posey

This was just a page that I loved the quote and was remembering the cold rainy nights in California!  Brrr.
done with Studio Mix for October - Potporri
also available as a Quick Page @ SBG

Next my friend and the lady who hooked me on altered art journaling! Tangie BAXTER!!!
I am laughing hysterical today, just good weather and pants that are comfy I guess, but I had a good time putting this page together. My Gman was doing a serious science experiment, and I am taking pics being a good mom.

Then Tangie has this SPARK of an idea with Flergs and Rosey Posey, and this kit is so fun, I had to use my Gman's pic for a page that is just cool. I used the actual text from his school book blended into Tangie's beautiful page. No magnifying glass was used in the experiment, it came with Tangie's kit and more!
Spark Project Arsenic and Old Lace by Tangie

Next up Pink Reptile:
Now if you have not met Mirjam of Pink Reptile in the DigiWorld, find her, she is the owner of ZigZag Scraps. The forum is fun and their are some awesome designers selling there also! I create also for Studio 68, Chengie who is at Zig Zag Scraps too!!

Poor Tony. Every time we go to my parents house, he does something memorable. This time, he went into the bathroom, and got locked in. The innerds to the door lock just so old, that they stopped working. My dad (grandpa) had to take the knob off while we giggled down the hall hearing Tony lament inside the bathroom

Joy upon joy having the great Mirjam (Pink Reptile) and Andrea (Little Green Frog) together in the fabulous Nana& Gramps collection! available at Zig Zag Scraps

Zig Zag Scraps has this cool collection called ZIG ZAG LINEs, each designer does kits with same palette and they are all interchangeable! So it is fun to mix and match or they can stand alone. 
Our Gman, always with a book in his hands. This is at the park!
My kidlets in the tent! They stayed in the backyard! Was so cute!
Happy Days Elements by Pink Reptile Designs
Happy Days Flairs by Pink Reptile Designs
Happy Days Papers by Pink Reptilie Designs
Happy Days Alpha by Pink Reptile Designs
all coordinate with the Zig Zag Lines 

Miss Chengie of Studio 68 also
This is my dear friend in Prescotts newest baby (mom of many tee hee).

Then the effervescent Paula Kesselring! I have been remiss with her designs this month and owe her a bucket load of pages! But this one was beyond great to put together:
Early in the morning, we waited to get on the train. Mr. G was there to make sure we got on and he even gave a tour of the engine car. The process was slow, but the learning was fun. Safety and history along with a tour of the Tularosa basin from the comfort of an air conditioned car. We had fun, laughed and learned.

Started out playing with Autumn Sonata and then went on a Paula binge
Flair Box #3 and a flair from her previous freebie blog and Vintage Hand and Old England Block Alpha mixed with Old Woody Alpha and then a ticket from Paula's traveler freebie too.
LIfe is fun to scrap with Paula Kesselring Designs
I blended the photos about the train we were on in the background and the menu is from the train also blended into Paula's lovely book.
Whew I had an out and out blast scrapping this!
Now the ViVas, the dynamic duo! They are guesting at Scrap Matters this month and have some killer kits out to celebrate over there:
a personal photo taken by accident...give a 7 year old a camera...
I am talking to a young girl about Jesus...a girl I used to teach in Sunday School years ago.
Done using Creepy Gears by the ViVas @ The Digi Chick (oops this is at TDC and not scrap matters)

Pure fun playing with Cat's Meow, by the ViVas (guesting at Scrap Matters for Oct)
So there is my catch up for October! I have a few more done, but the designs aren't in the store yet, so I have to wait!
~never lose your joy

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