Thursday, October 6, 2011

Volcano in our Backyard!

Yeah, yeah, we did the volcano last year for fun, cause we got the tiny little kit...and it was a, small and tiny and well, booooooooooring.
 This year we are doing this fun book:
This is our second year using Mrs. REdmond's books, and they go well for us.  They are on the younger side, but I just add reports and other mean and cruel things for kids! haha
Any who, we are in the middle of the Lithosphere, and having spelunked and made marshmellow worlds with inner and outer mantles, making a volcano was a must do.
We had a visitor to our school yesterday, Josiah, a 4 year old with a brain of a scientist and philosopher...he is real smart.  So we planned out the volcano.  The kids prepped it in our backyard.  We all sat down at our square table and began to learn the vocabulary for volcano's and all that entails.  Josiah was rather excited and followed along, printing his name quite nicely at the top of his pages.
We began to talk about eruptions, and how we had a volcano in our back yard. He was like no way, lets go see it...
So outside with the ingredients:
This is serious business!
I am in love with teaching! I love how my kids interact with Josiah, and how he loves to learn, I am getting a click in my brain regarding our family growing and peace in my heart! woot!
The face says it all! We doubled the ingredients and it was quite spectacular...but we wanted more, so we poured some more water in! The volcano just kept pouring the lava out! 
Happy adventures in Science!
Tomorrow come back and see our train ride! Never a dull moment here!

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