Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Festival In Town

A few Saturdays ago, our church was invited to have a booth on our "downtown" street.  The street was closed off for a Fall Festival!  It was  a rushed booth, and I was asked to make a few boards for the booth, I of course forgot to take photo of it close up, but you can see it here in the picture.  Orlando and his precious and very pregnant wife Angie are reading their testimonies that were on the board!

If you look at the sign above it is Wild Bill's Store, this is owned by an awesome family in our church; the Urbans.  They were the ones that helped get our RAP group Messenger into the Fall Festival.
They rapped the message of Jesus Christ in the most anointed way! The street was pumping! lol  The day was full of fun and food.  I was amazed watching one young man eat:
Every time I turned away, Jonathon was putting something else in his pie hole!
Hee hee, I love this young man! He makes me smile with the twinkle in his eyes! He also puts fear in my heart at the amount of food he intakes!
The church gave away free popcorn and as the lines grew for the FREE popcorn, we would witness to them about how Jesus touched our lives and present the Gospel to them.
My Anna loved yelling FREE popcorn and helping Naomi make the bags of white fluff:
I was rather proud of the girls today, Abby was being such a helper with the young kids, freeing the parents to do what needed to be done too. 
The day was awesome, but the best part was hearing the Urbans play. Some old-fashion good tunes!
They are just a wonderful family, and we were blessed to have dinner and bible study at their home (which is above their store) this past week and it was just beyond excellent!
Their home is a remodeled store room.  They put in a kitchen, bathroom and the place is so comfortable and just wow! They have an old fashion elevator right in their living room.
See the elevator to the right of Anna? It is more to the back in the next photo?
Then the Urban kids took ours to the roof! Now that is way cool!

These are some shots that Eric took while they were up on the roof! I just smiled the whole time at the Urban's home.  True fellowship!

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Pressed Petals said...

the urbans are special people! great shots!