Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fly away-the nest no not yet!

June 2006, we brought our 4 little kids to the airport to fly on a plane around Alamogordo. They were so excited.  Little Anna had broke her arm a few weeks prior.  The girls were scared, the boys ready for adventure.  Fast grow, we move to California for 3 years, laugh, play and grow, now it is:
October 2011.

My oldest Eric is in El Paso on an IMpact team for Jesus, telling people how Jesus touched his life, and helping a baby church there get flyers out for a revival!  I look at my children growing up and my heart is so proud of them, but seeing the picture from years ago makes a momma get weepy...haha
So buck up right, and here are some pics of their adventure.  This is the first time they have flown that mom and dad didn't go with them.
 See they wave without looking, punks! 
(Tony I am yelling, give them the camera!!!)
AnnaBoBanna, what a smile! The last time we flew, she had tears of terror streaking silently down her face. (hey what a sentence!) 
Happy girl, Absolutely just grinning! This is unbelievable how relaxed they look!
Gman in the co-pilot position! Yes, take my picture. Look at the blue of those skies behind him!
Here they are after with Dr. Hurd.  He is the sweetest man.  He flew in 2006 with Eric and let Eric fly! That was way cool.
While the kids were in the air, Tony and I had the most expensive breakfast burrito on the planet, but it was good! 
Stay tuned for more adventures all week! I am learning to preblog from my friend Christine! So, pop in this week and find out why I am exhausted but smiling! 
~never lose your joy

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Pressed Petals said...

love those pics! looks like they had a great time! and golly, how little they were.