Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tangie-IZEd Everyone needs a little Tangie in their life!! have been holding these pages for tooooooooooooooooo long!! This is the month of Tangie!!!! She is kicking it up a notch and I am loving the FIRE and enthusiasm. First up is her RAPTURE kit, that expoded in my brain and thankfully Photoshop help me capture all the ideas.
The first page I did was inspired by the BIG PICTURES I keep seeing around the digi world, and I had a horrible photo of Anna on the bike right after taking her training wheels off and going down a ramp at the bike park.  Her enthusiasm was so high, and the freedom she had was beyond awesome, and I love the skies of New Mexico in every picture!  I didn't crop the pic, it is straight out of camera, just enlarged!
 but my brain still had thoughts about this kit, and I couldn't stop:
I went on a blending binge, but it was just fun! You know that is really my favorite part of art journaling, the fun and no reason but fun and the joy of the process!

Next up!! Run, don't walk and download the Gold Member kit at DST. 
We all had a blast playing with it and I bet you will be inspired also! I did a few different pages for this...three pages actually.  That is a kit, if you can get 3 art journaling pages out of it!  

They were fun and I hope you enjoy them too. But just like TV advertisements....wait there is more!!

Tangie is also the featured artist this month at MSA!! Get on the MSA newsletter so you can download this kit:
There is also a cool interview of Tangie in the MSA ezine, Home is Where the Art is.
You have to know that October is Tangie's favorite month, so she really has poured her heart into these kits and you will want to stay tuned for the releases she has all are gonna love each and every one!
Here is the page I did with the MSA :
Ha Tony with the knife!!! Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!!!

Enough for the day!!!  Enjoy your October and make sure to load up on some Tangie!!

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paula kesselring said...

Love all pages Anne!!!!
This RAPTURE kit is awesome!!