Friday, September 30, 2011

Home School goe Ary? Awry, A rye? hmmmm

You may have seen these ugly little babies around your town.  It is called the Flour Sack Baby Project. There are some pros and cons about it, but this blog is for fun, and I am not here to discuss that.  I am here to tell a tale of our family and homeschool! bhahaha
Since our decision to homeschool, came 21 days into the school year, we had to order curriculum for a few of the kids and readjust (I call it degossing) back to the homeschool mode of life.  It is very intensive in our home, so time just giggling and playing are a joy.
Oh the story! A precious girl in our church has this little pin head flour doll, she at first was very attentive to it, but you can tell it is near the end of the project. The "baby" is left on a chair as she chats with friends and such.  One of the boys was going to cut it with a knife (jokingly), but the girls squealed no, no.  I said we should kidnap her.  Oh, the glee in my children's eyes. 
The girls spent hours putting together the ransom note:
It was an easy job, I covered her with a blanket and the girls whisked her out of the sanctuary, into our van.  They had already placed another labored over note in the bathroom, where the ransom was to be paid.
The church was in giggles and speculation.  It was quite fun.  As the young lady tried to find 2 pieces of gum, one man offered a few mints, and thought perhaps that might buy her arms back?  It was fun.  It went on about 2o minutes prior to church starting, and then my twins brought her in and told the young lady.  She was so relieved. It didn't make her laugh til after church. But she is a sport and gave an evil glower, but laughed afterwards.  
This is what we do in homeschool!

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