Thursday, December 16, 2010

The tree!

Our friends in Oroville, Dan and Peggy, once again blessed us with a tree! It is even more awesome than the last one! It IS huge.
Friday, Tony and I embarked to pick it up from them.  Tony was also pillaging Dan's programs and such from his computer!
We arrived home to drag the tree into the perfect place.  Anna had requested so sweetly that it go in front of the picture window, so everyone could see it!!  I had to fulfill the request.  The tree is so huge, that it fills the whole area, and I wanted so bad to shove in a corner for the room, but her excited eyes squashed that thought!
She is also barefoot here, cause she squashed right thru some dog poop, so the smell of pine was not the top smell in the house! Oh Tannebaum!!  Tony is not a fan of the setting the tree up.  The stands we have are never the right one, and we have spent much angst over the uprighting of our Christmas trees in the past.  Tension gets a bit crazy!
It's up, but swallowing the area.  I had to rearrange the whole living room again to make room!  Insanity continues!
The tree is now up!  The boys are in charge of the lights! This used to be another insanity I added to Tony's list of things at Christmas, he is so happy to have the boys do it! 
This is Eric's 3 or 4th year doing the lights, and Gabriel's first.  Gman seems to usually disappear during these times!
There was a lot of explaining, Eric doing and Gabriel learning.  He learns well! 
I love this shot of E, silhouetted(thank you spell check) against the curtains. 
Lady Fluffypants with her evil camera eyes on the boys as the tree made noises and lights blinked:

Gabriel began to learn and learn well under the tutorial  of Eric :
Okay, I am looking at this picture!! Where is my baby boy? The little dude with chubby fat rolls and a lisp?
Who is that tall kid putting up lights in my living room???
The kids love decorating the tree, and I love to take a picture of my babies in front of the tree! Here they are:
Tony was in a goofy mood, so I played with the camera, as he knows what gets clicked, gets blogged!  Bha ha ha ha

Now the moment you have all been waiting for, the behemoth tree in all it's glory!  Every light, every garland, gold bead, and ornament from the box on the tree and we have room for more!!

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alamama said...

beauty! love it! tony is too funny!