Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recap Christmas!

Ah, went on a walk yesterday because this yellow orb some call the sun came out!  I had to reintroduce myself to it's warmth!
 I walked to Winco, to get some things and back.  My kids said they weren't even embarrassed that I tied the tortilla chips to the outside of the backpack.  (I admit, it was a bit strange looking).
It is nice to be moving, and the sun always gives me a better outlook on life.  Summer time girl, and a whole lot of years in the desert! 

I want to give everyone a glimpse of Christmas in our house.  We pass down the age old tradition of opening one present Christmas eve.
I wonder what it could be? I just wonder? 
Surprise! It's pajamas!  Oh wait, a twist, the boys have pj's and the girls have robes!  woot! I love how the girls are looking to see what the boys got! This kills me! 
This is the first year the kids actively participated in the gift buying.  They saved their money, and with help from us were able to buy and wrap presents for each other and Tony and me.  Their faces say it all, Tony is opening his Christmas Eve present:
A robe!! It is so soft! Tony was very happy!  He has an old terry cloth robe that is 4 or 5 years old and he didn't even know that a man's robes could be this soft!
Next up, Mom (me):
I got a chain saw, wow, comfy! A poulan? I will say, it is one of my favorite colors, is that puce?
We packed the kids off to bed, and then headed to the church to pick up hidden gifts!  This is the first year we had wrapped the day before when we were not exhausted.  That really does make for a relaxing Christmas Eve.  We set everything up, in anticipation of the early morning to come.
Then sat and just talked about Christmas', our first, the many without children, the first with Eric,the insanity with 4 and the joys of the season.  It was nice.
No, I didn't get a chainsaw, my kids and hubby blessed me with a beautiful robe, and these fuzzy pj's.  I haven't worn pj's due to not being able to find them in my size for years.  Now, that my size is diminishing, finding them is a bit easier.  Now they are not the most flattering, and I am not one to model in my pj's, but here ya go:
It's late, and life is good!  Tomorrow read about the big Christmas morning!!

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Keri Jo said...

So fun to peek in on your Christmas!